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Here are a few people I would recommend as Massage Therapists that are similar in style to the work I do. Unfortunately, none of them do cupping massage. I highly encourage you to extol the virtues of cupping to whom ever you go to in hopes that they will be inspired to learn and use cupping techniques in the future!


Daryn Bowers: I have known Daryn for many years. We used to share a space doing massage for the Mass Breast Cancer Coalition at Hopkinton State Park for their event in June every year. Daryn is a graduate from Spa Tech massage school. He is located in Framingham on Rt 9 (you can get there via back roads and never get on Rt 9) across from Whole Foods. I have received massage from Daryn a few times. He is very good.


680 Worcester Rd (Rt 9 Eastbound)

Framingham, MA 01702


web site:


Janice DeVirgilio: Janice is the reason I went down the Massage Career path. Janice was my massage therapists for many years and when I decided I wanted to go into massage I picked her brain, went to the school she went to (Bancroft) and shared a similar style as hers. We traded massage for many years. She is in Medway across from the Job Lot plaza on Rt. 109. It's a business building and looking at the front of the building from the street, her suite is down the hill on the right side.


89 Main St. (Rt.109)

Suite #102

Medway, MA 02053



Anita Laraia: Anita and I met at Jackson Therapeutics (massage) where we both worked. Anita is a Bancroft grad – same as me. We started trading massage several years ago and I still go to Anita once a month. She is in Attleboro – now before you say...that's too far...if you are only going once or twice a month and you like her massage – it's not that bad a drive. She is on the 2nd floor of her building and street parking is around the corner (2 hour) on Railroad Ave.


21 Park St. (corner of Rt 252 and Rt 123 -Park St.)

Suite #210

Attleboro, MA 02703



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